Wolf Darkfang
Wolf Darkfang
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Beyblade(s) Flame Wolf DF145WB
Age 15
Friends Ryan Skull (Sometimes)
Enemies Blake Razor, Drake Frost, Delta JusticeBlaze, and Max Horus


Wolf Cheats Sometimes, He has a Dark Spirit but sometimes nice when not in his Dark Form where he can crush his opponent, and Drown them in sorrow and Darkness.


Wolf is A blader With Spiky Hair, He's Posessed with Dark Power, He has a black Ripped up Jacket.

His Bey: Flame Wolf DF145WBEdit

  • Face Bolt - He has a Black Face Bolt with a Red Wolf Print
  • Energy Ring - The Wolf Energy Ring is Clear Red with Black wolf Heads
  • Fusion Wheel - The Flame Fusion Wheel He uses is Black.
  • Spin Track - It's a Red DF145 Spin Track
  • Performance Tip - A Red WB Wide Ball Performance Tip

Special MovesEdit

  • Team Shadow Wolf King Destrution: Darkness Swirls around Wolf As He Blasts The Other Bey Away With a Barrage Of Super Powerful Attacks.
  • Royal Darkness Blast: Spins Faster and Faster and Faster Until A a Blast Of Darkness Goes out of the Bey in all Directions.
  • Royal Dark Hole Surge: He Goes To the Middle of the Stadium And A Force Pulls The Opponent Beys Closer When It Makes Contact Wolf Will Destroy Him With Powerful Attacks.