He's obbsesed with Posion and Venom His Usual Stadium is Filled with Liquid that his Bey can easily spin on. He has a Faint laugh when he's Challenged to Battle he's Self-Conceited at Times.


Venon has Green spiky hair that has shades of Black in it. He wears a Pitch Black Shirt that has a Green Toxic mark on it. he Wears a Blue Bracelet on each Arm. His Launcher is Long and the Ripcord has a Curvy Pattern. on the Back of his shirt is a Picture of a Venus FlyTrap.

His Bey: Sol Dragonis 145EWDEdit

  • Face Bolt: a Dark Green Face Bolt with White Dragonis Print.
  • Energy Ring: Black Dragonis Energy Ring with Red Stickers and Green Lightning Bolts changed to look like Vines.
  • Fusion Wheel: White Sol Fusion Wheel.
  • Spin Track: The 145 Spin Track is Clear Faded Yellow.
  • Performance Tip: a Faded Clear Yellow EWD Performance Tip

Special MovesEdit

  • Rise the Spikefield: the Opponent Bey floats just a little higher than the Stadium so Dragonis can Perform Mutiple Strong Uppercuts in the Place it hurts most.