Ryan Skull
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Beyblade(s) Poison Rex WD145 WD
Age 18
Friends Blake Razor and Wolf Darkfang
Enemies Drake Frost, Max Horus, and Delta Justiceblaze


He battles Strongly and Aggresive with raw Power. He fights with Darkness, He's part evil exept he's with his Good Leader, Blake Razor.


Spiky blonde hair, He wears a Skull necklace with the biggest skull in the front and Center, He wears a Torn up Leather Jacket with shoulder spikes but no Sleaves under he wears a Black shirt with a Skull. He wears Gray Jeans. He also wears a Skull ring on each Finger.

His Bey(s)Edit

  • Face Bolt: Black Rex face bolt with white Rex print.
  • Energy Ring: Black Rex Energy Ring with purple highlights.
  • Fusion Wheel: Purple Poison fusion wheel.
  • Spin Track: Clear white WD145 Spin track.
  • Performance Tip: Clear white WD Performance tip.

Special Moves(s)Edit

  • Poison Smack: When close it Quickly goes to the side and Comes back in the opposite direction Powerful enough that it knocks it in the air.