Basic InfoEdit

Owner: None

Type: Attack

Unregistered Beyblade
Attack: ******

Defense: *

Stamina: **

Face Bolt: CetusEdit

this is a Clear Face Bolt with a White Cetus Print.

Energy Ring: CetusEdit

Red Cetus energy ring with White Stickers.

Fusion Wheel: MadEdit

a Blue Plastic Mad Fusion Wheel

Spin Track: 85Edit

Clear 85 Spin Track

Performance Tip: XFEdit

a Clear XF Performance Tip

Special MovesEdit

  • Grand Tidal Wave: It creates a Powerful force that the Bey would have to Fly in the air to avoid if not it would get a Stadium Out.
  • Grand Tsunami: The opponent Bey get's trapped in the Middle of the Stadium by an Invisible Force.


Red Whale
the Spirit is a Red Whale that's tail's Splashes are strong enough to send the other bey flying.