Basic InfoEdit

Owner: Wolf - Dakota

Type: Balance

Attack: *****

Defense: *****

Stamina: *****

Face Bolt: WolfEdit

a Metal Black Wolf Face Bolt with red print.

Energy Ring: WolfEdit

Clear Red Wolf energy ring with Black Wolf heads.

Fusion Wheel: FlameEdit

Black Flame fusion wheel.

Spin Track: DF145Edit

Neon Red DF145 Spin Track

Performance Tip: WBEdit

Neon Red WB Performance Tip

Special Move(s)Edit

  • Team Shadow Wolf King Destruction: Darkness swirls around Wolf while he blasts the other bey away with a Barrage of Super Powerful Attacks.
  • Royal Darkness Blast: Spins Faster and Faster and Faster until a blast of Darkness goes out of the bey in all Directions forcing it to Be hit.
  • Royal Dark Hole Surge: He goes to the Middle of the stadium and a Force pulls the Opponent's Bey(s) Closer when it makes contact, Wolf will then Push him back to the edge of the Stadium.


Wolf Spirit
the Wolf is Evil and Black it Runs really Fast. in his Special move -Team Shadow Wolf King Destruction It's Spirit comes out to attack The other Bey/Bey's Spirit.