Delta Justice Blaze
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Beyblade(s) Burn Befall W145EWD and Samurai Ifraid ED145WD


Delta is spunky, funny, and sarcastic. He has some friends like his teammates and people from his childhood past, from when he was small. He is a confident fighter, and fights fair and square.


He has brown hair and a black and white jacket that he wears all the time when not battling. He also wears dark blue sweat pants and black/white shoes. He also wears a metal belt that holds a sword that is actually a launcher and has a small wrist shield with a ruby in the middle that spins and the beyblade that Delta uses now comes out. He has wavy brown hair and somtimes wears armor and a helmet.

His Bey(s):Edit

Metal System Bey:Edit

  • Face Bolt - He has a metal face bolt with a silver Befall print.
  • Energy ring - He has a magenta Befall energy ring.
  • Fusion Wheel - He has a Burn fusion wheel.
  • Spin Track - He has a red 230 spin track.
  • Performance Tip - He has an Eternal Wide Defence performance tip.

Zero G Bey:Edit

  • Metal Stone Face - He has a silver/grey metal stone face
  • Chrome Wheel - He has an Ifraid chrome wheel
  • Crystal Wheel - He has a red Samurai crystal wheel
  • Spin Track - He has a Eternal Defence 145 spin track
  • Performance Tip - He has a red Wide Defence tip

Special Moves-PresentEdit

Metal System:Edit

  • Befall Meteor Shower: Befall shoots into the sky and shoots down with meteors and smashes it.
  • Befall Blazing Inferno: Befall sets on fire and causes a firestorm and fills the stadium with fire.
  • Befall Blazing Excalibur: Befall fans out its feathers and shoots blazing swords out of the dark spots of the feathers like cannons.

Zero G System:Edit

  • Ifraid Samurai Blazer: Ifraid beast appears and it slashes its sword down and the bey Ifraid slashes down in a fiery inferno.
  • Ifraid Meteor Strike: Ifraid also shoots into the sky and shoots down with meteors and smashes it.
  • Ifraid Inferno Katana: Ifraid's beast takes its sword and slashes fireballs and meteors at the opponent.