Basic InfoEdit

Owner: Drake - Mario





Face BoltEdit

Clear Black face bolt with White Eagle Print

Energy RingEdit

Clear White Eagle energy ring

Fusion WheelEdit

Sky blue Death fusion wheel

Spin TrackEdit

Clear Sky blue V145 spin track

Performance TipEdit

Clear Sky Blue W2D Performance Tip

Special MovesEdit

  • Frost Wing Explosion - Turns into a ball of ice goes into the air and smahes the other beyblade.
  • Frost Smash - Jumps up the side of the stadium turns upside down shoots a beam of ice at the beyblade.
  • Frozen Lake - Makes a wave and makes a dome around the other beyblade untill Earth Cetus Attacks the opponents Beyblade


Ice Eagle
a Bald Eagle that has Icy Wings but the Spirit only Comes out in Cold Weather