Chapter 3
Beyblade Blader Darkness
Chapter 3: The Battle of Kronos!
Written by Dakota
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Chapter 2: a Poisonous Visitor
Chapter 4: Crushed


Caleb - Good

Phantom - Good

Venon - Evil

Jordan - Evil


Phantom: Get up Caleb!

Caleb: (Snores)

Phantom: Caleb!!

Caleb: huh? Agghh!!!!

Phantom: You're up.

Caleb: Well you did Scream at me!

Phantom: Yea.... Well...Something happened when I was walking home last Night

Caleb: Yea What?

Phantom: This is how it Went


(Phantom was running Through the alley)

Venon: Hey You!

Phantom: Huh (Slipping and hitting his Head)

Venon: I Didn't get to Battle You

Phantom: But it's Late we can't battle now

Venon: Oh Yea

(Venon Jumps towards Phantom and they Dissapear)

Phantom: Where is This it's Dark but I see Light over there

(Venon Pulls him Toward it)

Venon: It's a Ring of.....

Phantom: FIRE!

Venon: Are you Ready

Phantom: Ready I don't want my Bey Crushed like you did to Caleb

????: You're not facing him. You're Facing ME!!!

Phantom: Who are you?

?????: Call me Jordan

Phantom: You, I thought I was Battling ______

Jordan: Shut Up! You will battle Me!

Venon: 3.....2.....

Phantom: What in the Fire But (Phantom strugles for his bey)

Venon: 1.....

Phantom: Auugghh!!! (He gets his Bey and Launcher out)

All: Let it Rip!!!!!!!!!!!

(Kronos goes after Striker)

Phantom: Go!!! Striker!!!!! (Striker knocks Kronos in the air)

Phantom: Special Move!!! Thunder Charge!!!

(Kronos was pushed against the floor of the Stadium)

Jordan: YOU CALL THAT POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Kronos Reverses and Crushes Striker through layers of the floor)

Phantom: AAGGGHHH!!!

Phantom: The Light, Striker!

(Striker pushes back up)

Phantom: Striker!

(Striker pushed Kronos towards the fire)

Phantom: Striker!!!! Go Now!!!

Jordan: Heh "he laughed"

(Striker pushed Kronos into the Fire, but Kronos seemed to vanish)

Phantom: I Win!!!

Jordan: Did you now?

Phantom: what are you talking about?

(Kronos came from behind and Pushed Striker in)

Phantom: NNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STRIKER!!!!!!

(Jordan and Venon Laughed)


Caleb: That Venon

Phantom: and Jordan

Caleb and Phantom: We Will Get You!!!

(They both hear a faint Laugh)