Chapter 2
Beyblade Blader Darkness
Chapter 2: a Poisonous Visitor
Written by Dakota
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Chapter 1: The Rise of Darkness
Chapter 3: The Battle of Kronos!


Phantom - Good

Caleb - Good

Venon - Evil


Phantom and Caleb: where'd he Go

Mysterious Guy: I'm up here

(He jumps off the Building)

Venon: and my Name is Venon

Caleb: You're Pretty Strong, and, and I wasn't Ready.

Venon: Ok, let's Go again

Phantom: What about me?

Caleb: He's my Problem

Venon: When did you two Decide that

Caleb: Stop Stalling

Venon: Really, well 3..

Caleb: 2

Phantom: uggh... 1

Everyone: Let It Rip!!!!

Venon: and My Bey is Sol Dragonis

(Dragonis went and Smashed Gasher with a Barrage of attacks)

Caleb: My Bey!

Venon: Dragonis. GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Smashing Gasher)

Phantom: NOOO

(Phantom Launched his Bey at Dragonis)

Venon: Heh

(Gasher and Striker sent Flying)

Caleb and Phantom: Noooo!!!!!!!

(Venon Dissapeared in the shadows)

Caleb and Phantom: Where'd he Go?

Caleb: My bey it's Crushed

Phantom: Let's go before anything else happens