Chapter 1
Beyblade Blader Darkness
Chapter 1: The Rise of Darkness
Written by Dakota
Episode guide
Chapter 2: a Poisonous Visitor


Caleb - Good

Phantom - Good

Mysterious Character - Unknown

Boy 1-2 - Neutralilzed

Girl 1 - Neutralilzed

Announcer - Neutralilzed


Phantom: Go Striker!

Caleb: Come on Phantom!

Boy 1: Go!!!

(The beys clash and Striker knocks the Kid's Bey out)

Boy 1: Dang it.

Caleb: Good Job

(Caleb and Phantom High Five)

Girl 1: Come on their too Strong

Boy 2: Not Strong enough Give Me a Shot

Blader DJ: Next up is Caleb and Boy 2

Caleb: 3

Kid 3: 2

Announcer: 1

Everyone: LET IT RIP!!!!!

Caleb: I'll Finsh this in one Hit!

(Caleb's bey Went and Crashed into the other Bey)

(Boy 2's Bey flew out of the Stadium)

Mysterious Guy: What about me?

Mysterious Guy: I'll Face Caleb and Phantom

Caleb and Phantom: 2 on 1!!!

Mysterious Guy: Well yes. Unless you want it 3 on 1

Caleb: Who does this guy think he is

Phantom: Some sort of Snob. Let's take him Down!

Caleb: 3

Mysterious Guy: 2

Phantom: 1

Everyone: LET IT RIP!!!!!!!!

(Striker and Gasher spun side by side)

(the Guys bey charged at Them and Knocked them out of the Stadium)

Caleb and Phantom: Oh No!!

Mysterious Guy: Well i'm Done here

(The Guy left)

Caleb and Phantom: Wait!