Blake Razor
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Beyblade(s) Basalt Herculeo H145WD
Age 18
Friends Drake Frost
Enemies Wolf Darkfang


He fights with confidence to Win. He thinks about how to win the battle before it starts. He helps someone in need. He's a Good Sport, and fights with Power and Dignity. But up against Evil He Fights With a Ton of Power.


He has Orange and Black hair and goes down to his eyebrows, He has Blue eyes, He is Really Muscular and Strong, His Clothes are all Ripped and always wears his Orange and Black Jacket that says his Team Name Team: Razor Bladers.

His BeyEdit

  • Face Bolt - Orange Herculeo Print with a Black Face Bolt.
  • Energy Ring - A normal Orange and Black Herculeo Energy Ring.
  • Fusion Wheel - All Black with Orange Stripes on the side and Basalt Points on the top.
  • Spin Track - an All Bright Orange H145
  • Performance Tip - an All Black WD

Special MovesEdit

  • Herculeo Basalt Shredder - Runs to Opponent Bey and Shreds the opponent Bey with it's Heavy Fusion Wheel.
  • Razor Rider - Jumps on it's Side and runs into the Opposing Bey.
  • Steaming Razor Blast - It Sets itself on Fire and Uses Razor Rider.