The Battle!Edit

Wolf the leader of Team Shadow Wolf Vs Zukita a used to be samurai now a samurai blader and very good friend of Wolf's wants to battle it out to see who's a stronger blader. Let's see who wins.

3...2...1...Let It Rip!!!

(Both Flame Wolf and Cyclone Byxis flew into the sand.)"Ha you can't beat me"!!! said Wolf.(A tornado of sand formed around Flame Wolf.)
"How!" Zukita said. Wolf said it's because of the spin track. Go Wolf!(Wolf raced toward Byxis) Byxis get him (Attacking back.) Go (Byxis and Wolf clashed). Take this! Special Move: "Team Shadow Wolf King Destruction!" said Wolf. Wolf charged at Byxis with darkness swirling around him. No Byxis fight back! (They clashed and Byxis was sent flying)No!!!!Byxis!!!!!! He landed (Wobbling).(Jack ran in) No!! Stop it!!!! Byxis Special Move!!!Special Move: Samurai Sword Slash!!! (Knocking Wolf in to the side of the stadium.) "Stop or you'll destroy the Stadium"!!!! Said Jack. Go Basalt Gasher!! (Jack launched his bey inbetween their beys.) Gasher Special Move: Darkness Impulse!!!! (The stadium was filled with smoke.) (Smoke cleared up and the all three beys were laying in the benter of the stadium.)"Draw" said Wolf and Zukita.

" Guess we will never find out who's stronger,.... Jack!" Said Wolf and Zukita

Stadium used: Desert Dome StadiumEdit