Basic InfoEdit

Unregistered Beyblade
Owner: None

Type: Defense

Attack: **

Defense: *****

Stamina: ***

Face Bolt: Bull MF-2Edit

Sky Blue Face bolt with Green Bull on a MF-2.

Energy Ring: BullEdit

The Color of metal with Neon Red stickers, Regular Bull Energy ring.

Fusion Wheel: BasaltEdit

Purple Basalt Fusion Wheel, Regular

Spin Track: GB145Edit

Maroon GB145 with White metal balls.

Performance Tip: MBEdit

Maroon Plastic with White metal on the MB performance tip.

Special Move(s)Edit

  • 1000 Bull Stampede: Moves left and right Super Fast at the same time it Charges Forward so it seems to be more than on of him.


The Bull is big, strong, and brown. When it runs Flames comes off of it's Back, Legs, and HEAD! It Fight strongly and can run Fast .